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2020 | LLB Hons Law, University of Bristol, UK.

Others (art related):

2015 - 2017 | GCSE & A-Level Art and Design: Fine Art, Concord College, UK.


2017 - present |  Freelance Artist


  • 2019 |  Flourish in The Spring, Gallery du 808, (Bristol, UK)

  • 2021 | Homecoming: The Pop-Up (Lagos, Nigeria)

  • 2022 | NFTxAfrica:Faces & Peoples 

  • 2023 | NFT NYC Conference, (New York, US)


2021 (May)| Rosemary Fund (recipient)

My art is the confluence of my views on life/living and my hunger to create in order to unscramble my mind.

Nengi Uranta is a multidisciplinary artist primarily practising String and Digital Art. Her String art is multi-dimensional, as she utilises nails and thread to create intricate three-dimensional effects, bringing her works to life. Her Digital Art comprises illustrations and surrealistic paintings. 


Her practice explores the ‘within’ and the ‘around’. The ‘within’ for her is where she examines the internal—her subconscious, our inner voices—through themes of self-awareness, identity, and existentialism. On the other hand, the ‘around’ is where she explores her external reality—the intersectionality of being a young black woman; the joy, the beauty and the pain. She enjoys observing both the homogeneity and diversity of black cultures with a focus on women.


At the centre of her thematic explorations is her perception of human beings as vessels. Her depictions of humans as colourful, patterned, glass-like figures, enable her to explore this concept of humans as vessels of the thoughts, memories and emotions that accompany our experiences.


While her paintings dissect her reality, her illustrations allow for a lighter, comedic spin on her thoughts, having personified her mind through the creation of her Original Character, ‘Mind’.

She aims to encourage more honest conversations within oneself as well as to highlight lived and shared experiences of Black women. 


Her friends call her Nengus.


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