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Mind imagines characters from (old and new) films, TV series, Cartoons, and the wider entertainment industry, together in cross-over scenes.

Black Female Cartoon characters
Black Female Cartoon Characters

(drawn in their original styles)

(redrawn in my cartoon style)

A mashup of young black female cartoons with similar roles in their friendship groups. 

 (Left to right/name- TV show): Leshawna- Total Drama Island, Monique- Kim Possible, Jodie Landon- Daria, Trixie- American Dragon, Numbuh 5- Kids Next Door


Mind the Summoner: Halloween Mash-up 2021

Mind, the Preserver of Greatness

Mind the Moral Supporter: The Boys Next Door'

Mind, the Bartender

Mind the Mermaid: Reds & Tails (MerMay)

Mind, the Voice of Reason: What's Up, Duck?

Mind, The Fund Raiser: Rich Girl Olympics

Mind, the Charity Worker: Snitches get "Stitches"

Mind, the Manager: Bratz Rock Angelz meet SZA, Megan Thee Stallion and Normani

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