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One thing most Nigerians love is a good party. A wedding party, graduation celebrations, birthdays; a good ol’ Owambe.

As the “around” sphere of my work is focused on the lives of Black women, my perspective for this series narrows in on the “Party Girl”.

There are four paintings in this series. The viewer is invited to step into the shoes of one persona attending four different parties, four different personas at four different parties or even four different personas at the same party (this is my preferred perspective).


However you decide to view the paintings, they revolve around the Party Girl. 

She is always present— in the form of our mothers, our aunts, our cousins, our nieces, our sisters, our friends and ourselves. 

She’s there for a good time. She’s there to dance, to look good, to spray money and be sprayed money by her peers and elders alike. 


So, join me, enter the world of the Party Girl; forget your worries for a few hours, tie that Gele, wear your Aso Ebi and don’t forget your corals!



It’s culture, it’s tradition, it’s timeless.


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