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like the vessels that we are

This is my first ever String Art series.
It is still a work in progress and will eventually have 4 works which explore the human navigation of love and its memories. This series is based on lived and shared experiences of the artist, from personal stories as well as those of friends, family and strangers.

It ultimately draws parallels between humans and flowers through the themes of fragility and beauty whilst also reminding the viewers that we are vessels that carry memories of pleasure and/or pain that result from varying experiences of love.

The Friendship

The Friendship conveys a pure, simple form of love. 

As a fondness born of empathy, true friendships make the heart dance. We feel seen, we feel heard, we feel human.

Like flowers, friendships bloom and so do we. 

Like flowers, friendships can wilt and so can we.

But we carry the memories, like the vessels that we are. 

Tales By HoneyMoonlight

Alluding to the romantic aspect of love, this piece comments on the "honeymoon phase"- a phase in a romantic relationship synonymous with seemingly blissful and carefree love. Although it is possible for the  "honeymoon phase" to outlast its description (i.e. lasting beyond a short "phase") depending on one's outlook on life, this piece serves as a reminder that there will be ups and downs; you and your partner will go through the "thick and thin" that life throws at you despite the stories you may hear about the honeymoon phase lasting a lifetime if you're with the right person.
The title of this piece was inspired by a TV show the artist watched as a child, titled "Tales by Moonlight", where African folklore/stories were told to children. The artist has drawn parallels between this style of storytelling and the way the idea of "pure love" or "true love" is portrayed to the young or naïve.

String art
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