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My mind is supposed to be my home but recently, it has not felt that way.

‘Am I home?’ is how I’ve decided to document the ways in which this alienation manifests.

It is a collection of 12 paintings which revolve around the same bored, exhausted, cynical straight-faced girl that gets to sit in my head and make comments while I experience all the things—good and bad—outside my head.


In the moments when I’ve shut people out while trying to preserve my sanity,

Or when I’ve over-internalised the opinions of others,

Or when I’ve gotten too attached to my decisions,

Or when I’ve felt so optimistic then began to doubt my good fortune,

Or when I’ve simply tried to rest and recharge...


...she’s there, watching, waiting and asking when I’ll come back home.


Enough about me. Are YOU home?

(Scroll down for a little look Behind The Scenes)


Into the Artist's mind

Here is a mind map of how the pieces developed and how they relate to one another. 

The paintings at the corners represent the moments when I feel furthest from myself,  the paintings at the middle left signify moments of extreme self-criticism, while those at the middle right show my willingness, amongst other aspects of growth,  to break the cycle of a singular narrative being passed down from generation to generation and attempting to put/keep me in places where I feel I do not belong.

And finally, the painting at the centre, Remember to Return, serves as a stark but necessary reminder to come back to myself. It is brown, reminiscent of the earth. It is not as vibrant as the other paintings because when I return home - to myself - I will no longer hide my uncomfortable and dark thoughts behind overly vibrant colours. 


I decided to create this mind map retrospectively as a personal exercise which allowed me to see how my thoughts came together without being restricted by a rigid plan. 

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